Univerisity of Kentucky

College of Agriculture,
Food and Environment

Ren Lab


The Ren Lab is dedicated to investigate natural processes and human-caused changes in Earth’s Ecosystems and Climate System by using an integrated systems approach, a combination of numerical models, remote sensing/GIS, and field observations and measurements. Our research is driven by scientific questions such as: 

• How do multiple global change drivers influence ecosystem processes and exchanges (water, carbon, nutrients) across soil-plant-atmosphere interfaces? 

• How do human-induced changes in energy and matter movement through different biogeochemical cycles among terrestrial ecosystems affect the physical climate system and aquatic system? 

• How can we identify and apply Climate-Smart Agricultural management practices to enhance food production, soil carbon sequestration, and water/nutrients use efficiency while minimizing negative environmental effects on water quality and greenhouse gas emissions? 

Answering these questions requires a better understanding of the complex interactions and feedbacks of climate-human-ecosystem that is built on the interdisciplinary, collaborative, and integrated research programs. 

Lab mission 

The ultimate goal of our lab is to advance the science that provides a scientific basis and potential climate adaptation and mitigation strategies for sustainable management of natural resources and agricultural systems.